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Grey Wall Design Studio offers a variety of packages that you can choose from. We offer a
complimentary consultation call and create a bespoke package of services based on your needs. Whatever you need to bring your vision to life, we do our best to curate it. Hit us up today to set up your discovery call.



Who are we?

Grey Wall Design Studio is a one-stop-shop for all things branding. From brand identity and social media strategy, to brand photoshoots and marketing, Grey Wall Design Studio helps breathe life into your brand. Your brand and business is an extension of you as a person and it should look like it’s loved by you, which is why we take the picture that you have in your mind and turn it into a reality. At Grey Wall Design Studio, we know that you’re trying to make your mark. We make you something that helps you make that mark.

The Process

From start to finish

When we say we’re a one-stop-shop, we mean it. We support you from the inception of your brand all the way until the end by taking the thread of intention and pulling it all the way through.

EXPLORATION : let’s get curious and tease out the intention of your brand

VIBE CHECK : the personality and tone of your brand, with thought around how you want your brand to be received

EXECUTION : a brand identity, full of colours, fonts, a logo, templates, and various tools, such as motifs and branding touches

MARKETING : lead generation, web design, & UX/UI design

BRAND SHOOT : all things photoshoot, from top to bottom, including concept, set design, wardrobe, makeup, photography, and photo editing

IMPLEMENTATION : how to take your newly polished brand guide and share it with the world


About Harleen Grewal

Meet Harleen, the powerhouse behind Grey Wall Design Studio. Harleen is a seasoned photographer, trusted makeup artist, and lover of design. She started photography as a passion in 2014 and by 2016, she was shooting editorial and commercial portraits. Somewhere along the way, Harleen was granted marketing positions and began managing social media accounts for her clients. Soon, she acquired the skill of makeup artistry and began experimenting with makeup on her clients as canvases.


Throughout all of this, the one thing that remained consistent was Harleen’s talent for bringing out the essence of people, whether it was through a photograph, a solid eye makeup look, or the colour palette of their brand. Her compassion for people, love for art, and commitment to see a project all the way through to the end has given life to Grey Wall Design Studio. As an empathetic and dependable leader, Harleen has carved a niche path for herself that allows her to put people at the center of their brands,

Think about your most ride-or-die friend. That’s Harleen.

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